The Move Is COMPLETE!!!

I have officially made the move. It was much easier than I thought. I’ve still got some boxes to unpack, but I assure you, if you’re on the blogroll here, you will make the move with me. So, for the first unveiling!

Please update your links and bookmarks. is the new address…..:)

Exciting news!!!!

I will soon be moving this blog to it’s own home! Since my friend owns a hosting company I have found a place to host this blog!  Soon I will have all kinds of exciting features, not to mention a place to put advertising. I am not sure if by moving this blog I will lose some things, but I’ll try to keep all my links and posts in tact. If I have to post everything individually all over again, I will. I may lose comments if I do, though. Within the next week I hope to have this completed!

Update on the car – Part 2

I have decided to write a letter to the parents, using my legal knowledge of course, and inform them that they have a choice. Either pay the deductible, or I’ll let the insurance company subrogate the claim. This would result in action, I’m sure. I will make sure to explain that the insurance company will go after the full amount plus any court costs associated with it. In the long run, I think that I will end up letting the insurance company handle it, but for now it will buy me some time to have money for the deductible.

Update on the car

I have decided to write the parents a letter. My phone calls have gone unanswered, and the one person I made contact with just didn’t seem to want to let the mother know. Of course I will send the letter Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested. I will file it with all my estimates, police reports, and photos.  Hopefully I will get a response.

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Cleaned out my desk today

I had the opportunity to clean out my desk of my personal things at work today. It finally occurred to me that I won’t be going there anymore. I’ve gone to the same office for the last 2 years, and it will be wierd not going there.

It made me think about what I should do with my 401k. I’m not sure the differences in the rollover options, but it’s about $1k that I’ve made for retirement in the last year. Not too bad for only contributing 3%. Maybe someone can chime in on the choices.

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I almost forgot!!!

Last week or the week before, I’ve been really busy, sorry….my prize from JLP arrived! It’s great, tabs, forms, pockets…..LOVE IT!

For those of you who don’t remember, I won the Moving Kit from JLP over at All Financial Matters. He was given a bunch of free items from Life.doc to use as prizes. I must say that they really do ROCK! Thanks again JLP!!!

Initial contact made….

I had my first contact with the grand parent of one of the boys involved in the fight last week tonight. I explained to her what happened, and told her that I have two estimates for the repairs. Both are over the $500 deductible I have for my insurance. I explained that I wanted to find a reputable repair shop that would do the repairs for less than $500, and I wanted to be fair to the boys. I think that she is going to explain the situation to the boy and his mother, and things will be ok. I told her that I didn’t want to ask for anything other than my out of pocket expense. I guess we will see what happens.

I left a message for the younger boy’s guardian. I’ll wait for the call.

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