Please help find a lost dog

I know what it’s like to not have your family pet around anymore. Please see if you can recognize the dog, Willie, and return him to his owner.

Abducted 12/10/06 by a 45-50 year old African American woman Driving a 1980’s Silver 4dr-sedan (possibly a Volvo)
Please call with any information (310) 490-3901
More details at Willie Watch

There is also a Youtube video for Willie

Well, here’s something good

I have been browsing PF blogs for about a month now, and I’ve found some really good one’s. The latest one The Simple Dollar has alerted me to this site, where I have listed 14 books to swap! I have only ordered one, and I have one on my wish list for when it becomes available. I can literally clean out my bookshelf, as long as I have a book someone wants to read. The way it works is this, you list the books on your shelves that you have read. Someone decides they want to read your book. So you ship it to them, on your dollar (about $1.50 or so for parcel post media mail). Anyways, you send them your book. But in the meantime, you find a book you want to read, and the person who has it ships it to you on their dime. Kind of a neat principle, one of those “wish I thought of that first” things.

Another way to get “free” books is by using It’s an online library of sorts where you read the books on your screen. I haven’t tried it out yet, but looking at their home page, I can see about 2 books Im interested in reading.

I definitely used to be that person in line at the bookstore with every book by John Grisham in my hands to buy. Now I will be “renting” books on wowio, and using for books. 🙂

Weekend Update

My blogroll is getting longer. As I find more and more PF blogs that are interesting reads, I am adding them to my blogroll. You see, I am unsure of blogroll etiquette. When you add someone to your blogroll, are you supposed to tell them that you added them? Are you supposed to ask them to add you? What exactly is the protocol here?

I had a rough weekend of spending. I didn’t mean to spend as much as I did, but I was out in Buffalo with my Mom and Aunt. We went to about 5 consignment shops, and I found the cutest jacket there. It’s my “signature trench”. Stacy & Clinton want people to have some signature pieces. I am starting to build on this philosophy. I have a signature trench, and some signature Crocs. I have decided that my Crocs are my best investment yet. It’s like wearing slippers every day.

I will have to update my debt load, and my savings charts. I haven’t figured out how to insert the charts yet, but I’m sure I will. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

Check-up Med – Perder Pes, triglicerides, colesterol

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Mapping out goals

So, in my previous post, I mentioned undetermined goals. I think it’s time to formulate some goals for myself. I have to make sure they are attainable. So, here’s my thoughts.

Goal #1: Pay off all Credit Card debt by June 1.

Goal #2: Don’t use Credit Cards unless it’s an emergency and if it is, pay it off in full.

Goal #3: Increase savings in my ING account to a total of $3000 .

Goal #4: Max out my 401K savings by 12/07.

This list isn’t the be-all-end-all of my goals, it’s just something that I came up with, that I’ve been meaning to write down, I also want to pay off my car early, but I think I should do that after I meet my goal for savings.

Any suggestions?

Wanted to update, I paid off the majority of my Capital One card today. The new balance is $35.58. I depleted my savings, but now that the debt is paid off, I can increase my monthly savings amount to $175. Yay!

Answering some comments

Thanks to Chris for his comment on my post yesterday. I want to address his concerns. Chris says, “Didn’t you spend 50 dollars? I figure just because you didn’t pay 2 dollars for a drink doesn’t mean you saved 2 dollars. It’s not like they gave you 2 dollars in exchange for drinking their coffee. I’d also have to say with a negative savings, you probably shouldn’t be buying a Coach briefcase- that’s probably why you’re in debt

Chris, yeah, you’re right, I did spend 50 dollars. BUT if I had to pay for that drink, I would have spent 2 dollars, so in a way, I saved it. As far as my savings goes, you obviously don’t know how to add very well. My savings is NOT negative, it’s just small. I could afford the Coach briefcase because I sold some miscellaneous crap on ebay. Matter of fact, I sold some silverware for about 3 times what I paid for it. The briefcase was used and had I had to pay full price, I would not have bought it. I’m not that far in consumer debt, I just paid off a credit card the other day.

Thanks to Krystal who says:

I like the floor plans available at Norstar, and it seems like a pretty good deal b/c it includes a lot of things!

Anyway I’ve been subscribing to your blog feed for a while now. Good luck getting the apartment! )

The reason I started this blog is to help others who may be in my situation. If I can help someone with my ideas AND chronicle my progress to my yet to be determined goals, then I feel good about that. I hope that I can get that apartment too!

I’m gonna try to move

I’ve been looking at apartments for the past month or so. My current lease is up on May 31, so I’m looking to move June 1. I found the perfect apartment for me. Norstar Apartments. It includes heat & hot water, community room, fitness center, pool, all electric appliances, self cleaning range, frost-free refrigerator, garbage disposal and dishwasher.  It’s just perfect. I’m going to call and see if I can set up an appointment to see them, fill out the application, and get myself on the list for June 1.

It’s a bit more than I am paying now, about $60/month. I think I can do it. It’s less than  $15/week or $30/pay period. That’s definitely doable.

I got my Coach briefcase today. It’s just as nice as the pictures. Needs a little black leather polish, but overall, great!

I saved  about $2 today when I got my free iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts. I spent about $50 on groceries, but I got fruits. Fruits are something I never buy, so I figured I’d buy some. So overall, I spent $48 dollars today.

So, I’m obsessed with Coach

I don’t know how to break my obsession. I’m just a sucker for an overpriced, well made bag. I’d like to buy all of them that I see at Marshalls and TJ Maxx, then resell them on ebay. Trouble is, I just can’t afford it right now. I don’t want to put it on credit, not knowing if I’d get my money back in return. BUT it would be a way for me to kind of, live in my obsession. Maybe that can be one of my goals for 2008. Link to post from 3/4/07.

I sent off a letter to First Premier Bank today. Of course I sent it CMRRR, just so they can’t say they didn’t get it. I have this trade line on my report that is reporting wrong, and they have verified it with the credit bureaus once already. I just wish it wasn’t so tough to keep my reports accurate. It’s annoying actually.

Anyways, I balanced my checkbook today. Not looking good until next Friday. I really need to cut back on things. I’ll try to keep track of the things I don’t buy this week.

Having annual fees on credit cards annoys me too. It’s like, what the hell am I getting for that $59 annual fee? Something else to pay off at 17.4%APR. Damn. I really gotta pay that off. I sent in another $75 payment this week. I’ll have to update it when I pay it off. If my calculations are right, I still owe $118.68. on it at this point. I’d love to just take the money that I have in my Electric Orange account and pay that off. I could do it and still save, because my 401K is valued at about $400 so far. I still might do that. I’ll think about it.

What would you do?