Finally Listed

So I finally listed some things on ebay. I fumbled through my linen closet and found some Bath & Body Works stuff to list too. I will probably get this done on Tuesday.  All the proceeds from my listing will go to pay off my debt.

Now the bad part of ebay, at least for me. I found this WICKED Coach briefcase that I’ve been wanting for about 1 year now. I put in a maximum bid of $55 for it, and I will probably go up to $100. I suppose that all the things I have listed will cancel out the things I have bought. On a good note, my Brita pitcher will soon have 4 new filters (courtesy of ebay). I really have to stay out of there.

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One Response to “Finally Listed”

  1. Aaron Says:

    I am a BIG fan of “blogging my way out of debt”. I might even be your BIGGEST fan!!

    Isn’t Ebay the worst? Every time I sell something, then I think that I can buy something else… bad. From your blog, I learned that a savings account is more important than paying off debt, as long as you are making regular and consistent payments toward your debt. So, maybe the money you get from Ebay should go to savings? Just a thought….

    Looking forward to the next blog!!!!!!!!!

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