Answering some comments

Thanks to Chris for his comment on my post yesterday. I want to address his concerns. Chris says, “Didn’t you spend 50 dollars? I figure just because you didn’t pay 2 dollars for a drink doesn’t mean you saved 2 dollars. It’s not like they gave you 2 dollars in exchange for drinking their coffee. I’d also have to say with a negative savings, you probably shouldn’t be buying a Coach briefcase- that’s probably why you’re in debt

Chris, yeah, you’re right, I did spend 50 dollars. BUT if I had to pay for that drink, I would have spent 2 dollars, so in a way, I saved it. As far as my savings goes, you obviously don’t know how to add very well. My savings is NOT negative, it’s just small. I could afford the Coach briefcase because I sold some miscellaneous crap on ebay. Matter of fact, I sold some silverware for about 3 times what I paid for it. The briefcase was used and had I had to pay full price, I would not have bought it. I’m not that far in consumer debt, I just paid off a credit card the other day.

Thanks to Krystal who says:

I like the floor plans available at Norstar, and it seems like a pretty good deal b/c it includes a lot of things!

Anyway I’ve been subscribing to your blog feed for a while now. Good luck getting the apartment! )

The reason I started this blog is to help others who may be in my situation. If I can help someone with my ideas AND chronicle my progress to my yet to be determined goals, then I feel good about that. I hope that I can get that apartment too!

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