Weekend Update

My blogroll is getting longer. As I find more and more PF blogs that are interesting reads, I am adding them to my blogroll. You see, I am unsure of blogroll etiquette. When you add someone to your blogroll, are you supposed to tell them that you added them? Are you supposed to ask them to add you? What exactly is the protocol here?

I had a rough weekend of spending. I didn’t mean to spend as much as I did, but I was out in Buffalo with my Mom and Aunt. We went to about 5 consignment shops, and I found the cutest jacket there. It’s my “signature trench”. Stacy & Clinton want people to have some signature pieces. I am starting to build on this philosophy. I have a signature trench, and some signature Crocs. I have decided that my Crocs are my best investment yet. It’s like wearing slippers every day.

I will have to update my debt load, and my savings charts. I haven’t figured out how to insert the charts yet, but I’m sure I will. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

Check-up Med – Perder Pes, triglicerides, colesterol

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3 Responses to “Weekend Update”

  1. Dr. Bloggy Bloggersson Says:

    I don’t know anything about a blog roll. But I do know what a log roll is! Have you ever gotten a pecan log roll from Stuckies! Yeah, those gas station/convenience shops along the highways. They’re not just for retirees! My Grandparents used to stop there with my Mom and get a log roll or two on each vacation. That is a family tradition that I’ve picked up. They are so rich that most people won’t eat them anymore.

    Have you made any more progress toward debt reduction? Me neither. In fact yesterday, I put $52 of gas in my truck, and the day before I filled up my car for $27. That’s $79 that will be gone in two or three days. Some day, I’m going to move close enough to my employer so that I can ride my bike. I had a broken spoke on my bike, and the local bike shop replaced it for $5, and then trued the wheel for me for $15. But I could have had them do that repair three times for the amount of money that I put in my cars in the last two days. How long do you think that spoke will last? It will last a heck of a lot longer than my tanks of gas.

    I was talking with a coworker yesterday about my bike. It is a Raleigh M60, which used to be a pretty decent mountain bike, but Raleigh has decided to get rid of that model. Anyway, my Mom and Dad bought it for my 1994 when I was 15 years old. I believe that it cost about $400, and my parents were concerned that I would start driving in a year and wouldn’t ride the bike anymore. Well, that happened a little, but I love biking and I kept riding in high school and in college and post-college. This summer, I will have owned this bike for 13 years. $400/13 = $30.76 per year. Maybe a little maintenance in there every so often, but I’m sure that I haven’t put half of the original sales price into that bike in repairs. It has been CHEAP to own! So if I could move close enough to my employer to be able to ride to work, I could save a lot of money! No insurance on a bike, no gasoline, virtually no maintenance. I’m still running on the original tires! (But I’ve replaced the tubes.) And don’t forget that I would be a healthier person for riding a bike a couple miles per day.

    Well, I’d better get back to sorting my emails. I have a couple thousand left to go!

  2. bluntmoney Says:

    Regarding the blog roll, I think generally people just add the links that they want. Or at least I do. People will likely be able to see that you’ve added them anyway via Technorati.

  3. dreamy1 Says:

    Thanks bluntmoney. I have put you on my blogroll. 🙂

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