Well, here’s something good

I have been browsing PF blogs for about a month now, and I’ve found some really good one’s. The latest one The Simple Dollar has alerted me to this site, PaperbackSwap.com where I have listed 14 books to swap! I have only ordered one, and I have one on my wish list for when it becomes available. I can literally clean out my bookshelf, as long as I have a book someone wants to read. The way it works is this, you list the books on your shelves that you have read. Someone decides they want to read your book. So you ship it to them, on your dollar (about $1.50 or so for parcel post media mail). Anyways, you send them your book. But in the meantime, you find a book you want to read, and the person who has it ships it to you on their dime. Kind of a neat principle, one of those “wish I thought of that first” things.

Another way to get “free” books is by using wowio.com. It’s an online library of sorts where you read the books on your screen. I haven’t tried it out yet, but looking at their home page, I can see about 2 books Im interested in reading.

I definitely used to be that person in line at the bookstore with every book by John Grisham in my hands to buy. Now I will be “renting” books on wowio, and using paperbackswap.com for books. 🙂

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