To my 20 faithful readers…

Just a big THANK YOU for your loyal readership. I have been trying to think of ways to thank you properly, but since I have no money, I can’t buy you anything. So I have decided to give you this video…

Big Oops!

So, my first check deposit into the ING Direct checking account was on Friday. I forgot that my car payment is automatically deducted from my checking account, and I didn’t leave enough money in the old account to cover the payment! So I had to get up extra early Friday morning, find an ATM, withdrawal cash, find my old bank ATM, deposit the cash, and hope that the payment didn’t bounce. I was stressing out all day. When I got home, the payment had been deducted, so no worries. Now I have to remember to call and change the account on Monday.

I did find a new and cheap meal to make. I found some ground turkey in the meats section of the Super Wal-Mart here and it was only like $1.77 for a pound. Anyways, I fried it up in the frying pan, making sure to strain any excess fat off. Put in some bbq sauce. Put it in a whole wheat wrap with some mexican cheese. It was delicious! I had 2 wraps, and have enough left over for 4 more! I think the total for the materials is about $6. and I have 3 meals!!!!

In other news, after my meeting with the academic advisor, I was thoroughly confused. BUT I did make a decision. I am going to try for my dream. Law School. Even though I don’t have a great GPA, there’s always room for improvement. My last semester at my community college I was on the Deans List. I have been there every semester of my last school, and my GPA is great there. You can’t go anywhere but up from here. I had dinner with an attorney friend of mine and she seems to think I could work as a paralegal right now. Only if I can find a job, I suppose.

Enough for now, more tomorrow, maybe.


is the first day my payroll is directly deposited into my ING Checking account. I’m not quite sure how it’s gonna work out for me, but it’s linked to my B&M bank so if I need a check right away, I can transfer the money.

Got my student loan interest statement in the mail. It’s $534.15. I can’t pay the whole thing, but what happens if I pay part of it this month, and part the next month, and so on? I mean, I only get billed quarterly for it. It’s not in my budget because I’m in deferral, but I could put it in, I think.

Sorry, I’ve been away from the computer

So, I’ve been busy doing stuff these last few days. I finally had my meeting today with the academic advisor, and now I’m more confused than ever! Turns out, I won’t qualify for a grant based on my grades. You see, I’ve been to 3 colleges in the past, and although my current cumulative GPA is a 3.9, my overall GPA (from everywhere) is only a 1.87. Yeah, I know, that’s terrible. But now I’m grown up and know the value of education. I just am so discouraged now and all I want to do is shop. I did buy something at Staples today, but it was a good purchase. I got a 2GB memory stick for $20. I’ve been using a 1GB stick, and it’s kinda full with school stuff and bill stuff. SO, I did need one.

I dunno what I’m going to do now. I’ll keep you posted.

Last day of classes

And I got another 4.0!!!!! That’s 6 semesters on the deans list. I hope it’s good enough for me to get a scholarship to SU. It’s really important because I don’t have enough money left in student loans to cover tuition! OH NO!!! I hope that this will all work out. Keep your fingers crossed!

Why I care about Personal Finance

What seems like a million years ago, I got my first car. 1988 Suzuki Samurai. I had a part-time job during high school at McDonalds to pay for it. It was great. My first car. I felt so independent. Little did I know that it gave me the freedom to get myself into financial trouble.

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83rd Carnival of Debt Reduction Posted

Wise Bread has posted the latest version of the Carnival of Debt Reduction.

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Since this is the first time I’ve read a few of these posts, now I’ve found some new regular reads. Thanks for the Carnival!