I saved $60 today

Well, I’ve had a crazy weekend. Friday night my toilet broke. There’s this little leak that is coming out of the stem thingie in the tank. I mean, it looks like a fountain when I flush. Anyways, I told the Landlord about it, and he promised to fix it yesterday, but after a planned road trip, he wasn’t ready to repair it. So I went to do laundry. Here’s where I saved the $60. Turns out, I was in such a hurry to leave so my toilet could get fixed I forgot my favorite pair of Gap Long & Lean jeans and a lingerie bag full of socks at the laundromat. I didn’t realize it until this morning when I went to get dressed for the day. I immediately called the laundromat and thank GOD they were there. I would have had to replace them, I only have 2 pair that really fit, the others are in the garage sale pile. I was so relieved that someone didn’t steal them. I can’t wait for the Landlord to finally put on the laundry room he’s been promising for the last year. Then I won’t have to go to the laundromat any more.

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2 Responses to “I saved $60 today”

  1. Dr. Bloggy Bloggerstein Says:

    Will your landlord charge more for rent if he adds a laundry room?

  2. dreamy1 Says:

    No, he probably won’t charge more rent. This was supposed to be in the works when I moved in last year.

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