When do you know it’s time?

My most recent thoughts have come about because I’m dating someone new. I have some skeletons in my personal finance closet, and I need to know when it is the right time to tell your significant other about your money demons. I mean, it’s one thing to remain anonymous in the land of blogging, but it’s completely another to tell someone your personal financial struggles. There are some things that I’m not really proud of, but I’m proud of the way I have handled myself since the tough times.  To those of you who have significant others, how did you know it was time?

On to other things, today is officially my last day of not keeping real good track of what I’m spending my money on. I’ve been trying to use Pearbudget, and it really is only effective if you keep track of the things you’re buying. So I’ve got my notebook here, and I’m going to write the date in the top right hand corner of each page. I will use one page per day, and if I haven’t spent any money, then GOOD.

My vacation to Florida is coming up this Thursday. The whole trip is paid for as of now, I will be staying with a friend when I’m there for the 4-day trip. The only thing that I haven’t budgeted for is sou verniers.  I have a struggle with this this pay period, though. My paycheck was $100 shorter than it usually is, but I’m sure I’ll manage to not spend a lot of money this weekend.


One Response to “When do you know it’s time?”

  1. wellheeled Says:

    I think it depends on how close you are to that person and how long you have been dating… there’s no need to blurt out everything unless you are comfortable with it. Instead of giving a detailed account of assets and liabilities, I think for now you can just talk about general money attitudes (saving, don’t spend more than you earn, etc.) to get an idea of how compatible you are financially. When the relationship gets more serious, i.e. cohabitation or discussion of marriage, etc., then it’s time to come clean. But for now, I say you only have to reveal whatever you are comfortable revealing. There’s no reason or obligation to do more than that.

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