Why does everyone have to give their opinion?

I’m currently going to a private 2 year college and have recently thought about going to a local university. I went to an informational session to find out how long it would take me to get a 4 year degree in the same program I’m in now (where I would get a 2-year degree). It is only like $300/class more than what I’m paying now, and it would be roughly the same amount of time. Now, I value my dad’s opinion on certain things, but on this issue I didn’t ask his opinion. He gave it anyways. I don’t know, maybe I’m just pissed off at the world today, but that just really bothered me today. I mean, I’m a big girl, I can make my own decisions, let me make mistakes. Maybe I just need a vacation (read: going to Orlando on Thursday, is it Thursday yet?).

Now, I’m going to ask YOUR opinion…..should I go to the University, or stay at the private school?


One Response to “Why does everyone have to give their opinion?”

  1. Dr. Bloggy Bloggenheimer Says:

    Little steps…

    You can’t financial problems in a month. You can complete a class by going to the first day and then taking the final. There’s almost nothing that you can do without taking little steps.

    How far away are you from finishing the two year degree?

    You might want to check with your advisor at the two year school to see if you can transfer your credits to the four year school. If they don’t have a program specifically set up for that (I’ll bet that they have some suggestions), then check with someone at the four year school about how they will accept your credits.

    I nearly failed out of a four year program. It clicked when I wanted to get a co-op position, and needed a higher GPA than what I had. So I transfered my credits to a two year school, and finished an associates degree. Then I transferred those credits to a four year school and graduated two years later.

    Two year schools are an excellent “little step” towards your education. It also allows you to get a job in your field with your two degree while you work toward your four year degree…. and don’t forget that you might get tuition reimbursement from that employer.

    Good luck

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