I forgot about FREE STUFF!!!

When I was at Cocoa Beach this weekend, I was on my way into the RonJon Surf Shop when someone handed me some free stuff. I got a new Venus Razor, toothpaste samples, PeptoBismol samples, tampon samples, Secret body spray, shampoo samples, and some new gum samples. This totally rocks because I will be able to use them on my next trip to Charlotte Memorial Day weekend.


One Response to “I forgot about FREE STUFF!!!”

  1. Dr. Bloggy Bloggenheimerfunkydoodle Says:


    I blew my budget today. 😦 I was hungry and I needed gas to get home from work. I’m $65 poorer now.

    I realized today that at 15 miles per gallon (I’m actually getting closer to 17, but 15 is a nice round number), and driving 120 miles each day to work and home, I’m burning 8 gallons of gas per day. At a cost of $3 per gallon, that’s $24 every day that I’m throwing away for gas. That hurts!

    Next year I’m going to look for a house that is close to work. So close, in fact, that I’m going to try to ride my bike to work. $120 per week is $480 per month that I could be saving instead of throwing away. Ouch.

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