School Update!

I’m glad that people agree with my decision to get my 4-year degree rather than my 2-year. I just filled out my FAFSA online today, and applied for aid from NYSHEC too. Hopefully I’ll get some federal and state aid for my degree. As it stood before, since this is my 2nd associates, I don’t get anything, and have to take out student loans. I really don’t want any more loans, but if it has to be that way, it has to be that way.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to actually GO to work. Recently my company hired a new administrator and what happened before she came on, “never happened”. Like when I was promoted to “office supervisor” and they told me that after 3 months I would have a review and a raise, and like when I was told I could take a day off without pay because I didn’t have any more time coming to me in August. (long story for another post) Anyways, every day something changes. I mean, I understand why they are changing, but it’s just hard to keep up with the changes. I am the type of person who likes change, but sometimes there comes a point where you have to say, “can’t you just change it gradually?” There’s definitely a respect-factor going on that makes me not want to go there. There are some people who can’t talk to other people with respect. I have had to actually go for a walk because the person who was talking to me made me so angry. I’ve actually thought about leaving and not coming back. BUT then I rethunk my position, and went back.  It’s really hard going to work every day when you know you’re going to be disrespected and have every mistake pointed out, never a “thanks! you did a great job the other day.” Constant belittling wears a person thin.

So I’ve been looking for other opportunities in the area. I’ve decided on a part time job, at least. I just have to get up there and apply when they start hiring. Maybe I can even make it my full time gig. Who knows?


One Response to “School Update!”

  1. Dr. Bloggy Bloggenheimerdoodle Says:

    Yo!! Dreamy1!

    You done good! Yup, I said it, and in some of the worst English evar!!111!!1!1!!one!!one!11

    I’m about 90% sure that a bachelors degree is the way to go. At least you should be able to secure a good job in your field with that degree. In my field (engineering) there are lots of positions available for people with two year degrees, and not so many with four year degrees. Think about it like this: Imagine that you are an employer. You are looking for entry level employees. The best “bang-for-the-buck” that you’ll get is to hire educated young people, because they’ll work for practically nothing.

    Most jobs that you’ll find are much more specific than what you learn in school, and far more detailed too. What I’m saying is that you don’t learn enough in school to be able to do the job fully, whether you get a two year degree or a four year degree. A person with either degree will have to do some on-the-job training in order to fully do the job.

    The person with the two year degree may accept $30k or $35k per year since they *only* have a two year degree. The graduate with the four year degree may not be willing to take the job unless they get $40k or $45k. To the employer, either person is just as capable, and they want the cheapest person that they can get. This is the paradox of higher education.

    I’ve had three solid interviews since finishing my masters degree, yet I’ve had no offers. I’m now too expensive for the typical engineering position. I have to set my sights on something higher. I have to compete to be the lowest price person in a sea of managers and supervisors in order to make the next career leap. It’s not something that I had intended on aiming for when I started my masters program, but employers are forcing me into this position.

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