Paid my state taxes today

As we all know, tomorrow is “TAX DAY” in the US. Although, for some reason the NYS website says that it’s Tuesday the 17th. I’m not sure why. Anywho, I owe good-old NYS $33. I tried to do it myself, and couldn’t get the figures to work out the way that TaxAct had them. SO I broke down and paid $12.95 for the NYS forms. I figured that I didn’t pay anything for tax software or to file my Federal Taxes a couple of months ago, so I just bit the bullet and paid it. Turns out if I had just rounded a bit better, I wouldn’t have had to pay it. Oh well. It’s done now. All I have to do is write the check and drop it in the mailbox.

I updated my Current Debt page, and even though my Patelco Visa total went up, I still owe less than I did on March 31. Not sure how that happened, but I’m not gonna try to figure it out.  Maybe it has something to do with the $500+ amount paid on my car this month. You see, I use this payment service to pay my car note. They deduct 1/2 of my car payment from my checking account every two weeks, and pay the note for me. It works out that you actually make 1 extra payment per year, and my budget feels better this way. I’ve been trying to get my bills ALL like that. You know, rent is $400/month, so each paycheck you save $200. For some reason, it hasn’t worked out that way for me. Maybe the next month where there are 5 checks I can get on track with that.

Someday I’d like to discuss the difference between Subsidized and Unsubsidized Student Loans. I don’t quite know the difference, and I think by researching it and talking about i, I will learn.

Off to a wedding today, gotta stop by Target and pick up a $25 gift card for the happy couple. Does anyone think that it is too small of a gift? It’s not exactly in my budget, but….well, I’m the only one from class that’s going and I feel bad for her.

2 Responses to “Paid my state taxes today”

  1. vause Says:

    Yes, Tax day is the 17th. Since the 15th is a weekend they give you until monday. However, Monday is a holiday for Washington D.C. so they give everyone one more day.

  2. Subsidized vs. Unsubsidized Student Loans « Blogging My Way out of Debt Says:

    […] vs. Unsubsidized Student Loans For a long time now, I’ve wondered what the difference is between the two was and I finally took the time to research […]

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