A great idea!

I found this post on Wise Bread’s blog about making a “safe” for your loose money. If you are like most people, you have a coin jar on your counter or dresser where you dump all your loose change at the end of the day. Mine actually says Vacation Fund on it. I’ve seen all the book-safes out there, and this one is actually ingenious! I’ve thought about hiding money in my DVD collection, and then thought against it. You see, I use a bank to hide my money. Lately I’ve been traveling, so the Marker-safe is actually perfect! (If you’re going to carry money, of course). The best way to travel if you don’t want to use Credit Cards is Travelers Cheques. International travelers cheques are available online, and most US Currency travelers cheques are available at B&M banks in your area. The AMEX website lists where they are available. I have never used travelers cheques because I rarely buy anything worth carrying them for. I usually carry my Credit Union Visa and use that.

What source of money do you use while traveling?


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