Garage Sale Items

My aunt is having a garage sale this summer. She intends to sell most of her miscellaneous crap. She has invited the rest of the family to sell their miscellaneous crap too. SO I have my own pile started. I suppose all the stuff that is still at the ex-BF’s house will probably go in there too. I only have so much storage space here.

Back story: We broke up in June when I got this apartment. But there’s stuff still there that we didn’t move back then. You see, Winter really starts here about mid-October and it’s snowing here today, so it’s hard to move stuff. I know, I know, I just should have moved it almost a year ago, but he said there was no rush. Anyways, now that I’ve been settled in here there just isn’t room for the stuff that is over there. I don’t even have the room to store this stuff for the garage sale in August.

But I really have to go buy some more storage totes so that I can properly store the things I want to keep. My goal is to have a house someday, I don’t know where it’s going to be or when, but it’s a goal that is in my long-term-file.

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