I finally did it….submitted a resume

Well, I finally bit the bullet. My primary gig is cutting back majorly on OT. I used to bank about 4 -6 hours OT per 2 week pay period. That’s come to an end. And my wallet feels it the most. It’s about $200/month less than I am used to. On one hand, I like only working 8 hours a day, but on the other hand, I really need the money.

On that note, I scoured the classifieds yesterday and found this pretty decent job at a local hotel. It’s either part time or full time, but the pay is $8.50/hour (which is great for a part-time gig that isn’t in fast food.) I’m just hoping that it pans out. The kid at the front desk when I went in to grab the application said that the hotel is really hurting for help, kinda hints that they’ll hire just about anything right about now. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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