Sorry, I’ve been away from the computer

So, I’ve been busy doing stuff these last few days. I finally had my meeting today with the academic advisor, and now I’m more confused than ever! Turns out, I won’t qualify for a grant based on my grades. You see, I’ve been to 3 colleges in the past, and although my current cumulative GPA is a 3.9, my overall GPA (from everywhere) is only a 1.87. Yeah, I know, that’s terrible. But now I’m grown up and know the value of education. I just am so discouraged now and all I want to do is shop. I did buy something at Staples today, but it was a good purchase. I got a 2GB memory stick for $20. I’ve been using a 1GB stick, and it’s kinda full with school stuff and bill stuff. SO, I did need one.

I dunno what I’m going to do now. I’ll keep you posted.

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