is the first day my payroll is directly deposited into my ING Checking account. I’m not quite sure how it’s gonna work out for me, but it’s linked to my B&M bank so if I need a check right away, I can transfer the money.

Got my student loan interest statement in the mail. It’s $534.15. I can’t pay the whole thing, but what happens if I pay part of it this month, and part the next month, and so on? I mean, I only get billed quarterly for it. It’s not in my budget because I’m in deferral, but I could put it in, I think.

One Response to “Tomorrow”

  1. Law Student Says:

    You might want to double check this, but if your student loans are deferred, you should not have to pay interest on them. It would be ideal if you could because you could (a) take a tax break on up to $2500 of interest payments a year and (b) reduce the capital on your loans when you graduate, thus reducing your monthly payments, including interest, when you are in repayment.
    Law school is extremely expensive. Right now, I am charged $877 in interest quarterly, and I am just in my first year! I hope to pay $2500 in interest this year but I might let the rest accumulate.

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