Big Oops!

So, my first check deposit into the ING Direct checking account was on Friday. I forgot that my car payment is automatically deducted from my checking account, and I didn’t leave enough money in the old account to cover the payment! So I had to get up extra early Friday morning, find an ATM, withdrawal cash, find my old bank ATM, deposit the cash, and hope that the payment didn’t bounce. I was stressing out all day. When I got home, the payment had been deducted, so no worries. Now I have to remember to call and change the account on Monday.

I did find a new and cheap meal to make. I found some ground turkey in the meats section of the Super Wal-Mart here and it was only like $1.77 for a pound. Anyways, I fried it up in the frying pan, making sure to strain any excess fat off. Put in some bbq sauce. Put it in a whole wheat wrap with some mexican cheese. It was delicious! I had 2 wraps, and have enough left over for 4 more! I think the total for the materials is about $6. and I have 3 meals!!!!

In other news, after my meeting with the academic advisor, I was thoroughly confused. BUT I did make a decision. I am going to try for my dream. Law School. Even though I don’t have a great GPA, there’s always room for improvement. My last semester at my community college I was on the Deans List. I have been there every semester of my last school, and my GPA is great there. You can’t go anywhere but up from here. I had dinner with an attorney friend of mine and she seems to think I could work as a paralegal right now. Only if I can find a job, I suppose.

Enough for now, more tomorrow, maybe.

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