I’ve got some great news!

In this post, I ranted about my student loan payments. When I logged on to the Sallie Mae website today, my payment has been lowered to $77! I applied for and was approved for the Income Sensitive Repayment Plan, so I’m not paying half my rent to the student loan.

I guess I should be happy, though, my BFF from NC has a payment of $677 per month for her student loan! Can you imagine?


I would like to give TWO THUMBS UP to Brett over at Frugal Law Student for this post. In it he lists out a massive list of personal finance resources, and I personally think it’s a great compilation. It’s only missing one thing…..a link to my blog! 😛

Just kidding Brett, Great job!

How exactly does this happen?

I got the email notification that my Gas & Electric bill was ready for viewing. I clicked on it and saw that it had gone up $32 this month. I signed up for the budget plan in December when my bill was $135. It’s now $120. When I first signed up for it the bill was $77, then after the quarterly review, it went up to $88. I just don’t understand why it couldn’t have just gone up $22 each quarter so it’s not that startling.  If I wasn’t on the budget my bill would have been $80 and change, well less than the budgeted amount. So, now that I didn’t budget for that, I will be eating mac & cheese and beans for a while. I will be $40 over budget on this for the next 3 months.

I’m going to have to find some significant things to sell on ebay, or sell the items I have set aside for the garage sale in August now at a yard sale here in my own yard. My student loan payment is suddenly due ($200 to one and probably that for the other) because my old school told Sallie Mae that I left school instead of transferred. That’s another amount that I wasn’t budgeting into my pay. I might have to go back to dial up for a while….I’m trying to avoid it. I’m looking to see what I can cut out of my budget….Any suggestions?

PS, I have a baby shower I’ve RSVP’d already on June 10, but my birthday is June 12, and I hope to get some cash for it.

Pay Per Post

I’ve recently thought about blogging for money. I mean, I can’t place ads on here until I can afford to move it to a private hosting site. SO, I chose to do Pay Per Post. And now that I want to put the script they require on here, I can’t figure out how to do it.  If anyone knows how to do it, please let me know.

Clearing up some confusion

In this post, I talked about my credit line increase. I meant that they gave me an additional $250 in available credit, not that they gave me cash. Cash is good, but I’ve not known a credit card company to just GIVE you free money.

Back from Vacation!

I’m back from Sunny High Point, North Carolina. Again, I’m thinking of moving there when school is done next summer. I was gone for 4 days and here’s my receipt roundup:

Parking: $18.00 (Thanks for finding a cheaper lot, Dad!)

Food:  $83.23 (Dinner for two at The Melting Pot)

Travel Pillow/Blanket: $ 17.64

Miscellaneous: $ 33.00 (magazines, picture frames, etc.)

Total: $151.87

I had a great time visiting with my BFF from high school and her family. I’m glad that I went down there and it reaffirms my decision to leave NYS ASAP.

Capital One

raised my credit line!!!! I got a free $250! Just for paying my bill on time. It’s great to be in control sometimes. 🙂