Free Food!

I love free things. Free food is even better than miscellaneous free stuff. Because of where I work, we get catered lunches occasionally. Today was one of those days. This means, I have free lunch and free dinner. I had vegetable lasagna and garlic bread for lunch, and vegetable lasagna with chicken parmesan for dinner. I must say, I gotta plan more of these! By having a catered lunch with enough left-overs, I saved $10 today! Yesterday we had a lunch catered from Panera Bread Bakery, so soup and sandwiches for lunch (~$8.00 saved?).  Today is Tuesday and we have one more lunch scheduled this week. This is good because I have about $100 left over until payday which is next Friday!

As a side note, my friend started his blog today! I’ve been after him to start one because he said he wanted to! He will be on my blogroll too!

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One Response to “Free Food!”

  1. JW Thornhill Says:

    That is nice. Free Lunch and savings at the same time!

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