Answering some Comments – 3

Kellie says:

So you got promoted to a supervisor without a pay increase? Yikes. Your old supervisor should have done a performance review before she left or at least wrote up a review of each of the employees and what was on the agenda. This is what happens at my company.

I would certainly plead your case to your new supervisor and explain that it is unreasonable for she/he to think you will remain in a position where your job responsibilities has increased but your pay has not. If he/she refuses to budge than I would go above them since he/she is your new supervisor. Can you step down and get your old job back?

My old supervisor was great. We saw each other Friday night for another of my co-worker’s going away party. She didn’t think that this would happen to me, and of course we got nothing in writing. Im not the only one who got the shaft, there are two other girls in the same position. One is having her review this week, after being in the new position for a year with no increase. She has alot more responsibility than me, she runs another office within our practice. I know for a fact that when she goes out on maternity leave in July, she will not be coming back. She has been with the company for over 5 years and is going to be looking for a new position while she’s out.

As far as getting my old job back, they filled the position before I moved to the new position. In my old department, they are looking for a part-time person, and I just can’t work part-time. I can’t even pay my bills now and in the handbook, the say we can’t moonlight. So, I’m theoretically stuck until I find a new position. My co-workers and I regularly have a discussion about how unappreciated we feel. I am not a person who needs told all the time that I do a good job, but an occasional “thank you” makes all the difference in the world.

Now, going beyond my new boss is impossible since she’s the top dog. Other than the doctors who own the practice, she’s the one. I have several resumes out and will be praying to whatever god I need to to find a new job.

*As a side note* This is the same supervisor who says that we can’t take time off without pay, and will put you in the hole then make you pay it back. The co-worker whose party I was at Friday night, they claimed she owed 44 1/2 hours of time that they made her take. So, seeing that they made her pay it back, when someone else didn’t have to, just goes to show you what kind of troll my new supervisor is. 😦

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