Day of no spending

So far my day of no spending has gone well. A few weeks ago, I took my vacation fund jar to the coinstar machine and let it count out my miscellaneous change. I opted for a Starbucks gift card because I didn’t want to pay the fee, and I thought that it would be something that I would use. So today I drove the 6 miles round trip to the local Starbucks to imbibe in a Venti regular coffee with cream and sugar. Cost to me, nothing. Cost of satisfaction, priceless.

I love the summer. Summer to me means lots of days with no spending. Since I live in the frozen tundra during the winter, I don’t do alot of outdoor free activities. I mean, I don’t do hardly anything except bundle up in the winter and watch television. When I signed up for the All-in-One package from Time Warner, I was eligible for a free year of Starz. Normally I don’t find any movies on Starz to watch, but since I’ve already watched my movie from Netflix, I opted to find something on Starz today. Cost to me, nothing. Cost of satisfaction, priceless.

Yesterday when I went shopping for groceries, I bought a new photo album. It was on clearance for $9. I don’t usually use photo albums, but I decided that it was time to have one. I’ve been on some vacations recently, and I’d like to showcase my time. I’m actually going to be in North Carolina in 12 days to visit a long lost friend from high school. We were inseparable back then and just lost touch when she moved to Louisiana with her fiance. I honestly can’t wait to see her and her family. I’ve seen pictures and the kids are a spitting image of her and her husband. I will be known as Aunt Dreamy1. I will have someone to spoil! It’s so exciting.

AfghanI have a hobby and I swear I’m going to be 31 in less than a month. I like to crochet. It’s one of the things my grandmother showed me how to do before she died. It is kind of an expensive hobby, but it’s fulfilling to give someone a gift that was made with blood, sweat and tears. I like being able to tell people when they comment on something I made that I made it. It is satisfying. And it doesn’t cost anything to do it, just the initial cost of materials. Do you have any hobbies?


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