Found some things to ebay – 2

I scrounged through my linen closet to see what else I have in there that I can ebay. I found about 5 sets of body spa stuff to list, and it’s almost all things I received as gifts. The only thing that I’m selling cost $5 and it was supposed to be a gift for my step-mother. No big deal, I guess. I’ll have plenty of time to save for Christmas.

I’m thinking of listing my 4 Beanie Babies, but since my ex was a smoker and they were there for about 2 years, they smell like smoke and I don’t want to sell something like that to someone else. (Even if it’s been disclosed.) It just doesn’t feel right. Maybe if I air them out over the next couple of days when the weather is nicer, the smell will dissipate.

That feels good.

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One Response to “Found some things to ebay – 2”

  1. SavingDiva Says:

    I’m also addicted to eBay. It’s nice to see someone else is cleaning out their closet to sell things. My last few posts have all been about my eBaying obsession. I want to sell everything in my apartment.

    You might want to try Febreeze on the beanies. I use it for clothes after I go to a smoky bar and it works pretty well.

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