Personal Challenge – Day 4

So, I didn’t meet the challenge today. BUT I made it 3 days with not spending a dime. I spent $30 in gas to get to Buffalo, and $5 on dinner and a drink with some friends tonight. Not too bad for dinner and an alcoholic beverage.

I have changed the rules to no UNNECESSARY spending, and I did need to eat, but I didn’t need the drink. We’ll see how the weekend in Buffalo goes.


3 Responses to “Personal Challenge – Day 4”

  1. JW Thornhill Says:

    3 days without spending any money would be almost a miracle for us. That really motivates me. Congrats!!

  2. Aaron Says:

    That’s great!

    I hope that it continues. Did you have a nice trip to Buffalo?

  3. krystal Says:

    You’ve inspired me to try my own “no spending challenge”!

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