Expensive weekend

Well, I truely didn’t spend much on my weekend in Buffalo. I bought some toilet paper, and some VS undies (which are going back). Total spent was about $30.

The problem, however, is that my camera that I bought in October fell from my purse, well in my purse, from my shoulder when I was getting my pedicure. Turns out that the LCD screen cracked and it’s going to be cheaper to buy a new camera than to get it repaired. So, now, I have to return my undies and put that money into my EF for the camera. I will try to use the camera this weekend and bring my old camera as a back up, but I’m going to need to replace the camera.

Has anyone used the warranty service via Visa? I bought it on my Visa and I need to know what the protocol is to file a claim on their services.

The toes look great, BTW, but I’m really sad.

***ETA: I just called Visa for their warranty service, and since I used my BOA Visa Check Card, and they no longer participate in the warranty service, there is nothing Visa can do for me. Even though at the time of purchase, they participated. Maybe someday I’ll explain why I don’t do business with BOA anymore….

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4 Responses to “Expensive weekend”

  1. SavingDiva Says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your bad luck with the camera…

  2. krystal Says:

    That sucks they aren’t going to honour the warranty! I hate when things like that happen. The least they could do is send out a letter saying that they aren’t participating in the warranty program anymore.

  3. dong Says:

    I’m suprised the LCD cracked so easily. That’s shame. There are some great deals on cameras out there though…

  4. Blogging My Way out of Debt It's here, IT'S HERE!!! « Says:

    […] My winning item from the Five Cent Nickel anniversary giveaway is here!!! Unfortunately because my camera broke this weekend and I haven’t replaced it yet, I can’t take a picture, but I CAN tell you […]

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