Some things to consider when changing jobs

I’ve been in the market to change jobs for a while now. I just feel under appreciated and it’s effecting my morale at work. Here are a few things to consider when changing jobs:

  • With my history of health issues, it’s important for me to consider any waiting periods for health insurance. Make sure that you are entitled to COBRA if you have a waiting period.
  • Ask about 401K options. I may have to roll over my 100% vested plan into a Roth IRA if I leave my current employer.
  • Make sure that you use non-work contact information, cell phone or home phone with voice mail will work best for potential employers contacting you for an interview.
  • Clean up your personal items from your desk. Don’t leave any personal files on your computer and delete all personal emails. If possible, make sure your friends who have you on their “joke list” know that’s not your email anymore.
  • Have references lined up from your current job and letters of recommendation if needed.
  • If you’ve quit, make sure you have a good reason for leaving your current position. Mine is going to be “To be honest, I wasn’t considering a move, but, I saw this job posting and was intrigued by the position and the company. It sounds like an exciting opportunity and an ideal match with my qualifications.”
  • If you’re worried about getting caught looking for a job, there are anonymous sites out there that let you apply anonymously if you’re applying online.
  • Remember to leave with a proper notice. You don’t want to burn any bridges at your current employer. You are not obligated to stay past the notice given or stated in your contract. In your resignation, don’t say any more than you have to. A simple “I’ve found another opportunity” should suffice. If your employer asks, keep in mind that it’s none of their business.
  • FINALLY, don’t forget to return any company property you may have. Keys, documents, computers, phones, and anything else that doesn’t belong to you.

Good Luck!

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2 Responses to “Some things to consider when changing jobs”

  1. SavingDiva Says:

    Why would you move your 401(k) to a Roth IRA and not just a traditional IRA? I wouldn’t want to pay all of the extra taxes in the move.

  2. dreamy1 Says:

    After I wrote this, I went to ING’s website and checked out the IRA options. Turns out I can only roll-over into a traditional IRA. I’m so clueless with investing. Maybe I should start reading some investing blogs. LOL

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