I finally got my acceptance letter

And it’s for the wrong program! I have left messages for my academic advisor and he’s never called me back. I just may have to make an appointment to see what the hell happened. I’m going to fire off another email and see what the response is. I really don’t get it. I completely told him that I was not interested in the Legal Studies Program, and I’m matriculated in there anyways. I’d rather just get the Liberal Arts Degree and not have wasted my  money on classes that I’m going to have to take again. We’ll see what Joey says. I’m really furious.

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  1. Blogging My Way out of Debt Found out the problem with the admission « Says:

    […] out the problem with the admission June 14th, 2007 — dreamy1 In this post, I stated that my admission letter had the wrong program on it. Turns out that the issue was I put […]

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