Made a decision on the Rent situation

I set up the rent payment to be mailed tomorrow. With the holiday, he probably won’t get it until Thursday. Which is fine. I did tap into my overdraft for the $50 and took $50 from my savings for the other part. I get paid again on Friday the 6th, so I will be fine. Thanks for everyone’s input. I appreciate the help. 🙂

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4 Responses to “Made a decision on the Rent situation”

  1. louise Says:

    I enjoy your blog and I have tagged you, see:

  2. Mare Says:

    Hey, just came across your blog. Good luck with everything! Glad you got your rent situation sorted out.

  3. dru Says:

    can you get out of your car loan and get something much cheaper?

  4. Snoop Bloggy Blog Says:

    3 seconds? Are you crazy?

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