Sicko – A Movie Review

I just finished watching Michael Moore’s new film Sicko. I must say, it’s an eye opener. I have to wonder how much of what is presented is careful editing to suit his purpose?  The link to Sicko is one that was posted with permission on

I know that Michael Moore asks some very good questions. From someone who now has a serious pre-existing medical diagnosis, I am more concerned with the health care and waiting periods for the benefits included in a new job. We aren’t all healthy, and haven’t always avoided a cold or the flu. In this film, not disclosing something like a yeast infection will deny you coverage for certain diagnoses.

I tend to agree with the idea of a National Health Care System. I wish that someone like Krystal would let us know exactly how it works in Canada. My sister lives in England, and I know that as a US Citizen, she is still provided with the National Health Plan provided to all residents of Great Britain. I really don’t understand how it works for countries like Canada, Great Britain, Cuba and France, but the government here is so opposed to it. I’m sure it has alot to do with politics and the wealth of the upper class. Everyone should have the same opportunities to health care. That’s what this place (the US) is called. The Land of Opportunity! Yet, in the film, destitute people are being dropped off at a Rescue Mission to fend for themselves.

At the end of the movie, I have questions left unanswered.  However, I think that Michael Moore’s ideas and viewpoint has come across.

What were your thoughts on the film?

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4 Responses to “Sicko – A Movie Review”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Do you want to pay higher taxes? That’s how Canada provides health care to their citizens.

    There is a federal and a provincial sales tax, so you end up paying about 12%-14% in sales tax on goods.

    The United States government generally tries to stay out of private business. Normally, this is a good thing. (For example, in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez (the President) has made the government take control over the private oil producing companies. Now the government has increased the price of oil exports to the rest of the world, which has driven up out oil prices. However, he is taking some of that money and turning it back around to help the poor (for example, paying for good doctors to practice in poor areas), which is making him very popular since much of Venezuela is poor. Therefore, he will continue to be re-elected.

    So in the US, the big medical/insurance industry would convince citizens that they don’t want to pay additional taxes (which would be required for a government run medical benefits), and then the population won’t support it.

  2. Wooly Woman Says:

    Yep we pay taxes for it! We also have to pay a monthly premium for regular health benefits. My husband and I pay $96 a month for this- it is not optional, but is based on your salary to some extent. But then we have to get extended health care through other insurance carriers, which may be paid by an employer.

    I have not watched sicko yet, but have heard it glorifies the Canadian system. I am happy to have almost free health care, and know that even if I couldn’t pay the $96 I would never be refused care. However, right now we have a serious shortage of doctors and hospital beds. In many cases there is a year or more wait to get a doctor if you move to a new town. My mom has had health issues and there have been a few times she has had to stay in emergency or be in the hall because there aren’t enough rooms.

    So it isn’t perfect, and we are trying to fix it. Has its positives and negatives.

    Taxation varies by province. Here in my province it is 13%, but in the province next door it is only 7% on bought goods. Our income tax ranges from 20% upwards depending on income.

    I am interested to see the movie now!

  3. Krystal Says:

    Through my BF’s medical at his work, he has to pay the taxes on our health benefits. So every month, he pays about $22 … and I think that’s well worth it for the kind of benefits we get.

    Like Wooly Woman said, there are positives and negatives. There are long waiting lists for things like MRI’s, but for regular health benefits like the dentist, doctor’s check-ups, prescriptions … that’s all free (less whatever deductible the plan carries – ours is currently $30/year).

    Sicko definitely glorifies the Canadian health care system and really doesn’t show the other side of the story. (Like when he goes into that clinic and asks the patients how long they’ve been waiting – and they say something like 10 minutes … well that’s all fine in a CLINIC, but what about people who need special treatment? They get put on a waiting list and could very well die waiting to get the treatment they need). That being said, I’m glad I live in Canada and have the health care that we have. I lived in the US for 2 years, and still have a lot of friends from my college days who complain all the time about the cost of medical services there.

  4. Jagular Says:

    The problem is, where do you end it?
    Don’t people need food, too? Should the government raise our taxes again to provide food for everyone?
    How about housing? I know people who have a hard time paying rent. Should the government raise all of our taxes again and just pay everyone’s rent with it?
    And again for clothing, education, and I’ve even heard people say internet access.

    The end result is a communist (or at least strongly socialist) society. What ends up happening is that taxes are raised so high that nobody wants to work. Especially if all of your needs are taken care of. I already know a lot of people who refuse to work overtime because when they do their taxes go up and they wind up with less money working a shift of overtime than they would with their normal forty hours.

    Instead what they need to do is to get rid of all of the frivolous medical lawsuits so that malpractice insurance wont be so excessive and doctors can afford to charge reasonable prices.

    I’ve known doctors who have had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars per year just for their malpractice premiums. And that’s without ever having had a lawsuit against them.

    If Michael Moore wants to glorify France’s system, he should ask himself why they have chronic double digit unemployment in France. Could it be because the French government has stifled industry with excessive taxes to pay for all of their socialist programs?

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