Update on the car

I have decided to write the parents a letter. My phone calls have gone unanswered, and the one person I made contact with just didn’t seem to want to let the mother know. Of course I will send the letter Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested. I will file it with all my estimates, police reports, and photos.  Hopefully I will get a response.

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5 Responses to “Update on the car”

  1. Brad Ford Says:

    If you file with your insurance carrier, they have the ability to “subrogate” for you. Basically, they do all the collections work so as to get their loss cost back. While they do that, they are required to collect your deductible from the tortfeasors.

  2. SavingDiva Says:

    Good luck with everything! I agree with Brad–give the information to your insurance company. The insurance company will be quite a bit more frightening than you will….

  3. Krystal Says:

    Wow, good luck with this and keep us posted! That’s awful your phone calls are going unanswered. You would think the parents would be big enough to take responsibility for their kids actions!

  4. Jagular Says:

    You can file at small claims court for about twenty or thirty dollars filing fee in most areas. You don’t even need to have a lawyer.

  5. Krystal Says:

    As someone who’s just finished with a small clams court filing … be prepared to be VERY persistent. Basically if you are prepared to do all the leg work , you’ll eventually get your money back. But it takes a ton of time. From the time I first filed my claim to the time I actually got the cheque in my hands was just over a year. And that included a really long process, including garnishing that person’s wages, blah blah blah. It’s a serious pain in the butt, but it’s worth because you get what’s rightfully yours.

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