Made a decision on the Rent situation

I set up the rent payment to be mailed tomorrow. With the holiday, he probably won’t get it until Thursday. Which is fine. I did tap into my overdraft for the $50 and took $50 from my savings for the other part. I get paid again on Friday the 6th, so I will be fine. Thanks for everyone’s input. I appreciate the help. 🙂

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What to do when you can’t cover your rent

This month, I found that I can’t cover my rent. Since my student loan came due, I had to pay for that and it was unexpected. I’ve been applying for PT jobs here and there, but I just know that I don’t need one. I don’t have the energy to do two jobs again. Especially since the last week in August, I’d have to quit because school starts. Anywho, since I haven’t been late EVER in the year I’ve been here, I am just going to pay late. I have enough in my account to pay $300 of the $400 so I’m going to earn interest on it in my ING account until I have the rest of it. My landlord is pretty understanding. I will not take the money out of my E-Fund to pay it. Yes it’s an emergency, but I should be out of the bind by the end of next month. I don’t do any unnecessary spending so it should be fine.

What are some of the things you do when you’re in a pinch like this?

How exactly does this happen?

I got the email notification that my Gas & Electric bill was ready for viewing. I clicked on it and saw that it had gone up $32 this month. I signed up for the budget plan in December when my bill was $135. It’s now $120. When I first signed up for it the bill was $77, then after the quarterly review, it went up to $88. I just don’t understand why it couldn’t have just gone up $22 each quarter so it’s not that startling.  If I wasn’t on the budget my bill would have been $80 and change, well less than the budgeted amount. So, now that I didn’t budget for that, I will be eating mac & cheese and beans for a while. I will be $40 over budget on this for the next 3 months.

I’m going to have to find some significant things to sell on ebay, or sell the items I have set aside for the garage sale in August now at a yard sale here in my own yard. My student loan payment is suddenly due ($200 to one and probably that for the other) because my old school told Sallie Mae that I left school instead of transferred. That’s another amount that I wasn’t budgeting into my pay. I might have to go back to dial up for a while….I’m trying to avoid it. I’m looking to see what I can cut out of my budget….Any suggestions?

PS, I have a baby shower I’ve RSVP’d already on June 10, but my birthday is June 12, and I hope to get some cash for it.