Starting the Challenge again!

I decided to start the 7-day challenge again. I will update the monies spent each day until June 11th. Wish me luck!

June 4 – $0

June 5 – $0

June 6 – $0 ( I did spend almost $30 on groceries. I needed it so I could bring lunch to work. )

June 7 – $0

June 8 – $0 ( I had three beers too! Didn’t spend a dime.)

June 9 – $0 ($10 spent on laundry)

June 10 – $0 ($60 to cable bill)

June 11 – $0

The challenge allows for necessary spending such as gasoline and groceries. It does not allow frivolous spending for shoes and dining out.

I DID IT!!!! 

Camera Debacle

I’ve decided that since BOA nor VISA will honor the Visa Warranty, I will purchase a new camera. It’s on sale at Wal*Mart for about $130 before taxes. It just sucks that I have to buy a new one when I just bought this one on 10/13/06. 😦

OH, I spent way too much today, but I’m going to start a new 7 day challenge when I come back from Charlotte on Tuesday next week.

Personal Challenge – Day 4

So, I didn’t meet the challenge today. BUT I made it 3 days with not spending a dime. I spent $30 in gas to get to Buffalo, and $5 on dinner and a drink with some friends tonight. Not too bad for dinner and an alcoholic beverage.

I have changed the rules to no UNNECESSARY spending, and I did need to eat, but I didn’t need the drink. We’ll see how the weekend in Buffalo goes.

Personal Challenge – Day 3

So, today is a day where I spent nothing again. Matter of fact, I got a check in the mail that I’ve been waiting on! So, total over three days is : ZERO!

Personal Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 has gone extremely well. I haven’t spent anything today. I foresee myself needing gasoline for my car before my trip to Buffalo Friday, but I’m going to be reimbursed for the money I spent. Is that against my challenge? I dunno. Maybe it should be no UNNECESSARY spending. Hmmmm.