Found some things to ebay – 2

I scrounged through my linen closet to see what else I have in there that I can ebay. I found about 5 sets of body spa stuff to list, and it’s almost all things I received as gifts. The only thing that I’m selling cost $5 and it was supposed to be a gift for my step-mother. No big deal, I guess. I’ll have plenty of time to save for Christmas.

I’m thinking of listing my 4 Beanie Babies, but since my ex was a smoker and they were there for about 2 years, they smell like smoke and I don’t want to sell something like that to someone else. (Even if it’s been disclosed.) It just doesn’t feel right. Maybe if I air them out over the next couple of days when the weather is nicer, the smell will dissipate.

That feels good.

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I saved some money today


I bought some jeans at The Gap yesterday, they were $58. I tried them on today, and they didn’t fit. So instead of exchanging them, I returned them, saving $58.

My auctions did really well also. The Coach purse I had listed, sold for $50, the silverware sold for $130 (it’s crazy, especially when I didn’t pay NEARLY that much for it), and the satellite radio sold for $16. Not bad for the miscellaneous crap I had laying around here.

On the other hand, I bought that Coach briefcase I wanted. The good news is, I didn’t pay $350 for it, I paid $86. So, I still saved some money. Once I get the money order for the silverware, I will use it to pay off my Orchard card completely. It will feel so good to get rid of that debt.

Now that I’m addicted to ebay, I’m going to try to find some other miscellaneous crap to auction off. I’m sure I don’t really NEED the 50 stuffed Eeyore toys I have, but they are my collectibles. I like them a lot. I really don’t want to get rid of them. Maybe I’ll find something else to auction…..

Finally Listed

So I finally listed some things on ebay. I fumbled through my linen closet and found some Bath & Body Works stuff to list too. I will probably get this done on Tuesday.  All the proceeds from my listing will go to pay off my debt.

Now the bad part of ebay, at least for me. I found this WICKED Coach briefcase that I’ve been wanting for about 1 year now. I put in a maximum bid of $55 for it, and I will probably go up to $100. I suppose that all the things I have listed will cancel out the things I have bought. On a good note, my Brita pitcher will soon have 4 new filters (courtesy of ebay). I really have to stay out of there.

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Found some things to ebay

I had been meaning to clean out my closets and sell some things on ebay for extra cash. I finally listed a few things.

I’m so proud of myself. I haven’t bought anything but a $2 coffee from Dunkin Donuts this week. Well, except for the $10 in quarters I needed to do my laundry. It’s a nice feeling knowing that you don’t HAVE to buy anything. And that’s really hard for me since I live about 8 minutes from this huge mall here in my town.

Good luck to my friend who finally saw the light when it comes to saving money and paying down debt. I have talked him into starting his own blog to hold himself accountable just like I do.