Garage Sale Items

My aunt is having a garage sale this summer. She intends to sell most of her miscellaneous crap. She has invited the rest of the family to sell their miscellaneous crap too. SO I have my own pile started. I suppose all the stuff that is still at the ex-BF’s house will probably go in there too. I only have so much storage space here.

Back story: We broke up in June when I got this apartment. But there’s stuff still there that we didn’t move back then. You see, Winter really starts here about mid-October and it’s snowing here today, so it’s hard to move stuff. I know, I know, I just should have moved it almost a year ago, but he said there was no rush. Anyways, now that I’ve been settled in here there just isn’t room for the stuff that is over there. I don’t even have the room to store this stuff for the garage sale in August.

But I really have to go buy some more storage totes so that I can properly store the things I want to keep. My goal is to have a house someday, I don’t know where it’s going to be or when, but it’s a goal that is in my long-term-file.

School Update!

I’m glad that people agree with my decision to get my 4-year degree rather than my 2-year. I just filled out my FAFSA online today, and applied for aid from NYSHEC too. Hopefully I’ll get some federal and state aid for my degree. As it stood before, since this is my 2nd associates, I don’t get anything, and have to take out student loans. I really don’t want any more loans, but if it has to be that way, it has to be that way.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to actually GO to work. Recently my company hired a new administrator and what happened before she came on, “never happened”. Like when I was promoted to “office supervisor” and they told me that after 3 months I would have a review and a raise, and like when I was told I could take a day off without pay because I didn’t have any more time coming to me in August. (long story for another post) Anyways, every day something changes. I mean, I understand why they are changing, but it’s just hard to keep up with the changes. I am the type of person who likes change, but sometimes there comes a point where you have to say, “can’t you just change it gradually?” There’s definitely a respect-factor going on that makes me not want to go there. There are some people who can’t talk to other people with respect. I have had to actually go for a walk because the person who was talking to me made me so angry. I’ve actually thought about leaving and not coming back. BUT then I rethunk my position, and went back.  It’s really hard going to work every day when you know you’re going to be disrespected and have every mistake pointed out, never a “thanks! you did a great job the other day.” Constant belittling wears a person thin.

So I’ve been looking for other opportunities in the area. I’ve decided on a part time job, at least. I just have to get up there and apply when they start hiring. Maybe I can even make it my full time gig. Who knows?

Mapping out goals

So, in my previous post, I mentioned undetermined goals. I think it’s time to formulate some goals for myself. I have to make sure they are attainable. So, here’s my thoughts.

Goal #1: Pay off all Credit Card debt by June 1.

Goal #2: Don’t use Credit Cards unless it’s an emergency and if it is, pay it off in full.

Goal #3: Increase savings in my ING account to a total of $3000 .

Goal #4: Max out my 401K savings by 12/07.

This list isn’t the be-all-end-all of my goals, it’s just something that I came up with, that I’ve been meaning to write down, I also want to pay off my car early, but I think I should do that after I meet my goal for savings.

Any suggestions?

Wanted to update, I paid off the majority of my Capital One card today. The new balance is $35.58. I depleted my savings, but now that the debt is paid off, I can increase my monthly savings amount to $175. Yay!