I almost forgot!!!

Last week or the week before, I’ve been really busy, sorry….my prize from JLP arrived! It’s great, tabs, forms, pockets…..LOVE IT!

For those of you who don’t remember, I won the Moving Kit from JLP over at All Financial Matters. He was given a bunch of free items from Life.doc to use as prizes. I must say that they really do ROCK! Thanks again JLP!!!

Initial contact made….

I had my first contact with the grand parent of one of the boys involved in the fight last week tonight. I explained to her what happened, and told her that I have two estimates for the repairs. Both are over the $500 deductible I have for my insurance. I explained that I wanted to find a reputable repair shop that would do the repairs for less than $500, and I wanted to be fair to the boys. I think that she is going to explain the situation to the boy and his mother, and things will be ok. I told her that I didn’t want to ask for anything other than my out of pocket expense. I guess we will see what happens.

I left a message for the younger boy’s guardian. I’ll wait for the call.

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Sicko – A Movie Review

I just finished watching Michael Moore’s new film Sicko. I must say, it’s an eye opener. I have to wonder how much of what is presented is careful editing to suit his purpose?  The link to Sicko is one that was posted with permission on insanefilms.com.

I know that Michael Moore asks some very good questions. From someone who now has a serious pre-existing medical diagnosis, I am more concerned with the health care and waiting periods for the benefits included in a new job. We aren’t all healthy, and haven’t always avoided a cold or the flu. In this film, not disclosing something like a yeast infection will deny you coverage for certain diagnoses.

I tend to agree with the idea of a National Health Care System. I wish that someone like Krystal would let us know exactly how it works in Canada. My sister lives in England, and I know that as a US Citizen, she is still provided with the National Health Plan provided to all residents of Great Britain. I really don’t understand how it works for countries like Canada, Great Britain, Cuba and France, but the government here is so opposed to it. I’m sure it has alot to do with politics and the wealth of the upper class. Everyone should have the same opportunities to health care. That’s what this place (the US) is called. The Land of Opportunity! Yet, in the film, destitute people are being dropped off at a Rescue Mission to fend for themselves.

At the end of the movie, I have questions left unanswered.  However, I think that Michael Moore’s ideas and viewpoint has come across.

What were your thoughts on the film?

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Unexpected expenses at the worst possible time

Thursday morning on my way to work, the strangest thing happened. No, it wasn’t an automobile accident, but I did think of running them over. There was a fight between two summer school kids in the middle of the street, stopping traffic, ending up on the hood of my car. The two kids made a dent in the hood of my car to the tune of $875. I contacted the school and know who the boys are, and who their parents are. One of the boys has stated to the Police Officer stationed at the school that he has a job and will pay for his half. I have to contact both parents on Monday after I get another estimate for the damage.

This brings me to the point of the title. Last month, I had trouble making the rent. (With the new job, this should be alleviated.) I depleted my emergency fund so that I could keep my landlord happy. (As a side note, the check hasn’t been cashed yet.) Anyways, now this is where the unexpected expense happens. I have to have the car fixed, so I’m going to pay my $500 deductible and get that from the boys. I don’t know how well this is going to go over with the parents. I know that the parents do know about the incident, but I want to be fair. If I can get an estimate for under $500, I won’t go through my insurance. (I’ve already checked with my insurance agent, it won’t raise my rates but it would count as an incident.)

Best case scenario is, the damage can be repaired for under $500, and the boys will just pay it. I’m hoping for this option, and I’ll definitely keep you posted.

I took the job!

I was formally offered the job on Thursday and told the manager that I needed overnight to make a decision. I agreed to start on July 30th. I am scared about the transition, and some shady things my employer has done in the past, but I’ll make it. In the end, I know that this is the right decision for me. I increased my salary by $2600/year, and my benefits have increased too. I’m glad that I decided to take it. Thanks for everyone’s advice the other day. You really helped me to make the right decision for me.